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Here is some history:

Built in 1895 as the Episcopal Methodist Building at 524 Penn Avenue, the building existed in the middle of the block before the demolition in 1908 of the Citizens Traction Co. timber buildings which housed a famous Fur Shop.

As a result of the demoliton, Cecil Alley was created allowing the street cars to turn the bend towards Liberty Ave. Unfortunately, the brick south wall and in 1909 the 5th side was all bricked up. However, by 1915 they inserted a book store entrance and windows, stone lower facade but by 1939 they converted it to a glass and polished granite along Fifth Ave.  Recently, Penn Ave Renaissance II removed the granite and begins to add a new and brighter facade in June 2012.

The Penn Avenue side wasn't done in granite until sometime AFTER 1946.

The most livable city

According to the recent  PDP report , nearly 7,000 people call Downtown home and many more are joining them. Short commutes, breathtaking views and cultural conveniences are just some of the reasons young professionals, empty-nesters, and families are seeking the Downtown living experience. Compared to other cities of similar size, housing costs in the City of Pittsburgh are among the lowest. The cost of a three-bedroom house in the Pittsburgh area is nearly 30% below the national average.

Downtown living in Pittsburgh is on the rise and many people are heading to the thriving neighborhood to soak-up all the great amenities our city has to offer. Thinking of raising a family here? Good news, Forbes.com awarded Pittsburgh as a top ten city to raise a family in June 2010. Pittsburgh was rated number seven in a ranking of America's best places to raise a family citing safety, affordability and educational opportunities as top factors.

Living Pittsburgh...

Want to have fun Downtown with your entire family without breaking the bank? Check out Living Pittsburgh, your source for all things affordable in Downtown and in the surrounding neighborhoods. Living Pittsburgh is an interactive Website created by native Pittsburgher Heather Walsh, and Downtown resident Rachel Booth.  These ladies prove that YES, you CAN enjoy a multitude of events, activities, services, and products on almost any budget in almost any neighborhood (including Downtown Pittsburgh!)

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